10 Heavenly Great Sex Positions-Orgasm is piece of cake!

10 Heavenly Great Sex Positions-Orgasm is piece of cake!

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In the process of sex, skill is more important than duration, so if you just keep speeding up without tender or sex in a wrong place, your girl might be annoyed!

Of course the skills include many aspect and “position” is one of the most important part! What are the positions that make both comfortable?

10 heavenly sex positions to orgasm 8

Women’s Orgasm is something worth waiting for!

If your skills are not good enough then your mate might not be pleased, and insist on same position there might be lack of fresh.

In a certain time sex would become a boring thing! Ahhh! That’s too terrible!

To avoid this kind of thing and to increase your skill, let’s learn these positions that would easily make both orgasm!

10 heavenly sex positions to orgasm 5

  1. Sex aiming skill
    Start from missionary position, with deeper one time to time, man close the legs of woman and put forward to spur the clitoris more.
    10 heavenly sex positions to orgasm 9
  2. Exploring back door
    It’s skills of woman. If your boy love to be opened his back door, you can hold his butt, slowly attack his door!
    10 heavenly sex positions to orgasm 11
  3. Sex on table
    Woman lies on table and man stands.
    You should keep table little messy, something like papers or bottles easily to be crashed. It would make sex more exciting with some sense of intense.
    10 heavenly sex positions to orgasm 10
    BTW, clothes is key point, please be dressed properly!
  4. On horse
    “I’m not expert, but every time we fuck standingly and let my girl on the wall, we all be twisted by orgasm” This position tests your endurance. Strong man and light woman, when hugging each other you would be tied with emotion.
    10 heavenly sex positions to orgasm 2
    If with different body shape it’s hard to do this!
  5. Naked Scepter
    Both could do this, but underside would be easier.
    ⇓ Circle your thumb and forefinger like this, trap the penis and drag down to fasten the skin, with this more nerve would be exposed to keep hard.
    10 heavenly sex positions to orgasm 6King Scepter: Be rude! “10 skills” that your girl want you to do ……


  6. Open the veil
    Woman’s vagina core is hard to spurred.
    ⇓ Use your finger to V shape and poke her clitoris slowly, then you can spur the point directly. But remember be tender or you would hurt her.
    10 heavenly sex positions to orgasm 7
    And better to use your finger tenderly or nail would hurt.
  7. Scissors Position
    ⇓ Man lying with knees bent, and woman kneel with legs between man’s leg.
    10 heavenly sex positions to orgasm
    Woman could find a proper point to move to control depth, angle, and speed, which means clitoris be spurred excitingly
  8. Happy Scissors
    ⇓ Heat up is not only by hands. This position woman need to lift up her legs and man hold the ankles.
    10 heavenly sex positions to orgasm 1
    In the sex woman keep open and close legs like a scissor, because the point of movement is in deep pelvis when doing so there would be a magical power to the sensitive place.
  9. Butterfly position, or “Revised missionary”
    ⇓ Woman lying on and put legs on man’s shoulders with butt slightly lifted up, man stand.
    10 heavenly sex positions to orgasm 3
    This position exciting angle could spur deeply or to spur the G point.
  10. Simmer slowly
    ⇓ This is a tricky skill that make woman crazy.  Stop suddenly and touch sensitively to the limit.
    10 heavenly sex positions to orgasm 4

Learn all these and you could use when sex to experience a whole new field!

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