Over him! 4 places that men love to touch!

Over him! 4 places that men love to touch!

Apart from the visible sensitive places from stimuli, today in Porn topics would tell you that actually, “there are 4 places that men love to be touched!”

Previously in Men Must Have: 9 caressing tips before sex talked about how men could please women. Today seks malay would tell you before you take off his pants, there are 4 ways to please his body.

Adult topics foreplay instructions:4 places that men love to touch

  1. Chin: want to kiss!

Imagine that your fingers are magic stick, caress his face through the edge. Touching his chin could trigger up his sensitive nerve. You can also be more positive, which means you could suddenly hold his chin in hands!

Chin: want to kiss!

  1. Fore arms: want to be nude!

Put your arms on his forearms and caress his shoulder with fingers till you find him relieved in your tender touching.

Fore arms: want to be nude!

  1. Thigh inward

Stay on him and see into his eyes with hands traveling to his thigh or lick there to let him uncontrollable.

Thigh inward

  1. ass: ah……

ass: ah……

Start from shoulder, travel down to butt and caress it. This massage could help him free when getting into you.

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