Big Disclose:The 5 Moments Women With Highest Sex Desire!!

Big Disclose The 5 Moments Women With Highest Sex Desire!!

It’s so important to ignite her fire to having a nice sex. But if the time point is wrong, then it might be the saddest thing in life.

Don’t worry about it! Now here in XXX Malay Adult Topic’s project─ the moment of sex for women is disclosed!!

5 best time to fuck (Adult Topic recommend you!!)

1.After a foreign romantic movie (10%)

It’s frequent that people would have the mood for love after romantic movies. The greatest is that there would be sexing plot in the movie which would make couples itchy.

After a foreign romantic movie

2.Waking up (14%)

Just like men’s morning wood for something sex hot pics, women as well are in sex mood! A great fuck in the morning makes your day glorious! (Learn More:TOP 7 Sex Benefits : You Would Never Believe!)

Waking up

3.Girls’ Union (19%)

It’s not men’s right to chat about Adult Topic, girls gathering would talk about it, too. When girls stay together and talk about their “experience”, they are more sexual minded.

Girls’ Union

4. 3 days before girls period (25%)

The hormone or endocrine of women would be a little different in days before period, and it’s the best time for them to have sex. Remember 3 days in advance or it would get too close to the period and some problems like bellyache might disrupt you.

3 days before girls period

5.Tipsy Friday night (32%)

The weekend’s pleasure is always come at Friday night, so women would be quite relaxed. (Learn More:4 Tips of Foreplay:Release her Mind) And if she went for some fun or alcohol, in the tipsy moment it’s great to have a fuck.

Tipsy Friday night

Adult Topic Editor make a conclusion for the best moment for sex:

「It’s 3 days before her period, and in that Friday night she’s going to the girls party for some drink. You take her to the midnight romance movie, and right at the late night you could…yeah.」

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