XXXMalay sex class: 7《World-class H position》

XXX Malay sex class: 7《World-class H position》

Although it’s main feature of SEX to be comfortable, but there’s always some to challenge the limit of human! So there are many weird SEX POSITION to test waist and softness!

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Adult topics of 7 world-class hard position, remember to take care of your waist……

1.V for Vixen

V for Vixen

This position challenges the softness of girls, but they can sex and thin the legs in the same time!

2.The X-Rated

The X-Rated

One lies upward and another downward, watch out the dick.

3.The Head Game

The Head Game

It seems hard to stay balanced, and girl would be painful for long time!!

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4.Passion Propeller

Passion Propeller

Well though the pic looks simple. This Passion Propeller needs man lie on the woman, stay inside and start to rotate, said it’s so exciting!

5.The Pinwheel

The Pinwheel

The hard point is that one of the man’s legs should cross over woman’s body, it might be hard to move?

6.The Head Over Heels

The Head Over Heels

Another position needs balance and upside down~

7.The Erotic Accordion

The Erotic Accordion

In fact it looks like girl has fake dick and be upward, and it might easily hurt that real dick…


Why does it so troublesome to have sex…of seeing these I felt so painful~

But if you would like to have some fun of your sex and challenge limit you should try one a day!!!!!



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