Feels great sexing in shower room? You’d better watch out these…

 Feels great sexing in shower room? You’d better watch out these…

Are you too naïve to sex in the shower room with watering like those TV series.

You are really too concerning! Remember those worst places to sex in Top 5 Worst Sex Places? seks malay warned you that there might be pain and incidence to make love in shower room!

If you really wanna try then keep these 6 points in mind:

Feels great sexing in shower room? You’d better watch out these…

Be aware to sex in shower room, Adult topics give you a warning!

1.Watch out the water temperature

If you shot under the showerheads then the water temperature is quite important! Remember to adjust to the proper degree or you would need to stop temporarily and continuously, which would break the atmosphere…

Watch out the water temperature

2.Prevent to slip down

The worst thing of sexing in bathroom is falling down cause it will kill all the sexual feeling right away! So if you don’t want to fail you can put some floor mat or pads.

Prevent to slip down

3.Change the position

Better change the sex positions time to time for your mate might drown by the water.

change the position

4.Watch out when using body wash

It’s quite romantic to wash for each other as foreplay(Read more:4 Tips of Foreplay:Release her Mind)but remember to keep it clean or you might slip down!

Change the position

5.Use the lubricant

Water can’t be lubricant! It would just wash out the liquid of girl.

Use the lubricant

6.Remember to lock the door

If you have roommates, remember to lock the door when sexing in shower room, or when someone open the door in a sudden without thinking then it’s so awkward to both of you…

Remember to lock the door

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Keep these points in mind and sexing in shower room is quite exciting!

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