Top 5 Worst Sex Places—Watch Out!

Top 5 Worst Sex Places—Watch Out!

You would have ever imagined to have sex out of a sudden somewhere in your house like those movies did, right? But in fact, if the places are not well-chosen, you and your mate’s pain might kill the romance…

Seks malay listed out the “tops 5 worst sex spots” by voting, watch out for these examples and be aware when you’re going to!

Adult Topics chosen 5 spots never considered for sex:

1.Rocking chair

The rocking chair might looks comfortable for that there are tips about making love on rocking chairs, but some testers confirmed that when you’re shaking, the chair would shake with you.

Rocking chair


The kitchen is no doubt the most wanted spot for sex, the sex videos and American TV Series are filming those flirting plots in kitchens. But actually kitchens are very unsatisfied place for sex because the countertop is such a bad choice that you can not move forward.(Learn more:3 Gentle Positions For Sex When Tired)


3.The toilet

Toilets are not strong as you thought, two people’s weight would be too much to stand (especially the lid). Another is that the smelly space would kill the romantic moment.

The toilet

4.Book shelf

Well the shelf might be more stable, but the one be pushed to the books might fell painful of back and the books would hurt you in the accident LMAO.

Book shelf

5.Shower room

In common place the shower room is independent and it sounds exciting to have sex in it. But truth is that there’s no holding place for stability and the suffocated and wet air would just make you wanna go.

Shower room

Sex tips reminder:

There are much more benefits to sex,How many times sex for a week?you would feel the effect it brought to you.

In spite of those advantages, it’s better to choose a right place for sex or you would only feel painful!!!

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