TOP 7 Sex Benefits : You Would Never Believe!

TOP 7 Sex Benefits : You Would Never Believe!

There are 57% male and 64% female in Asia unsatisfied with their sex life, the reasons are expected to be unfamiliar with each other or close enough.

No matter couples or the married are used to keep SEX Videos and Sex Hot Pics to themselves, in other words, shyness is the most common problem of Asians.

But, now here in XXX Malay is going to talk about not only the pleasure but the unexpected benefits of sex!

Adult Topic : Disclose TOP 7 Benefits Of Sex

1. Look younger


Elders with sex life could keep their look younger 5 to 7 years than real age, showed by clinical neuropsychologist David Weeks. Besides, frequency is not the point but the quality, sex with deep emotion could fight with aging.

Look younger


2. Reduce male probability of getting cancer


According to the research of The University of Nottingham, England, in 840 male over 50 years old, those who have regular sex life or ejaculation over 10 times a month have lower rate of getting Prostatic cancer. (But don’t over-ejaculate or there would be prostatauxe or weak urine.

Reduce male probability of getting cancer

3. Losing weights and maintain body shape


According to Canada Adult Topic research, one and a half hour sex can burn calories more than jogging machine for those couple from 18 to 25. In an 25 minutes sex, man can burn 100 calories and woman can burn 69 calories, which is equal to tennis or mountain climbing for 20 minutes or yoga 40 minutes.

Losing weights and maintain body shape

4. Make people more clever

An experiment of psychologists in University of Maryland, USA showed that rats of elder ages would generate more brain cells after mating which would help recover recognition while rats without mating have situation of intelligence downgrading.

Make people more clever

5. Help relieve migraine

The result of an questionnaire for 800 migraine patients and 200 Cluster Headache showed that 1/3 of migraine patients could get headache relieve by sex and reason said to be the endorphin the nature painkiller from brain, said Stefan Evers, the researchers of Munster Universität.

Help relieve migraine

6. Raising spirit

People who usually watch SEX Videos and SEX Hot Pics or enjoy sex in the morning would be more spiritual for all day, and have better immune system compared to snoozing people, founded by American Researchers.

Raising spirit

7. Might prevent from heart attack

One research from Israel showed that women with more than 2 times orgasm in a week have 30% less rate of heart attack than those who don’t.

Might prevent from heart attack

XXX Malay sweet tips : couples with frequent sex life would be more blessed of their marriage and positive.

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