Yunnan breast festival, touch girls breast as much as you want?

Yunnan breast festival, touch girls breast as much as you want?

XXX MALAY today would tell you Chinese ancient story!

It said that ancient men could not satisfy their sex desire enough but died on the battle field. So they want to take female to the world after death. But the females have to sacrifice their breast instead of being catching to at the “ghost festival”, so it’s the “breast festival” comes!

Many foreign guests visit this town because of this special festival, men could touch as much as they want and the females should accept happily.

Yunnan breast festival

SEX PICS OF breast festival, touch it for you~

Although some say that the breast touching was twisted by modern people to be a nonsense, but it truly make some tourism chances!

Yunnan breast festival 1

Yunnan breast festival 4

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Yunnan breast festival 2

Yunnan breast festival 5

As been confirmed by Yi Group and Lisu Group in Heihe Laopo,Dehong, Yunnan, the breast touching festival although not really exist, but it was for young couple dating!




SEKS MALAY let you see more……

No matter the traditional breast touching or the artist PORN TOUCHING BLACK BOX, I’m so envy about these benefits~~~~~~~~~~~~

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